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The Intellectual Property in your business is one of your greatest assets! Learn WHAT you need to know and HOW you need to act to keep your company legally protected with this FREE Checklist!

In the Checklist, I’m covering:

  • HOW to safely use images on your website and in marketing materials without overstepping someone else’s rights
  • SPECIFIC points to include in any contract for creative work
  • WHEN to formally seek protection of your created work
  • Different types of intellectual property you may own and WHAT steps to take to protect those assets
  • PLUS a whole lot more!

Steve Sponseller helps entrepreneurs and companies build and protect strong intellectual property portfolios. In his more than 20 years as an elite IP attorney, Steve has helped hundreds of businesses protect their creative content, and he’s been featured in Entrepreneur and The Huffington Post. Having worked with such giants as Intel, HP and Microsoft, Steve is uniquely positioned to bring you the best and most innovative legal understanding.

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